External Reviewers

Creative Work Supporting Documentation

Writing and Performing The Lady M Project, 2019-2023
Actor script, March 2022
Video of March 2022 live performance, pre-show + post-show discussions
Video of December 2020 online performance
Act V, scene 5 “Recipe” as example of initial creative process, 2020
Letters written by Lady M Project collaborators in Letters folder
Acting in Grounded, a solo performance, 2020-2021
Actor script
Actor research
Video of full performance, November 2021
Letter written by director Rick Barbour in Letters folder
The Actor’s Mind podcast, 2017-2022
DU Magazine Interview, 2022
Season 1, Episode 2: Substitution outline
Letter written by co-host Kateri McRae in Letters folder
Stories on Stage: The Year of Magical Thinking, 2017
Actor script
Video of performance excerpt (7 minutes)
Academic Directing at DU: The Wolves, 2021

Director script excerpt, scene 4
Image research
Music research
Soccer research
Pre-rehearsal email to cast
Letters written by students who worked on The Wolves in Letters folder

Teaching Supporting Documentation

Acting I / THEA 2870
Syllabus, Fall 2021
Script Analysis assignment
Original Monologue assignment
Color Map assignment
Acting II / THEA 3872
Hamlet Script Analysis assignment
Acting III / THEA 3873
Orlando casting
Final Reflection assignment
Directing I / THEA 2885
Picturization assignment
Movement assignment
Final Project assignment
Movement and Voice Training for the Actor / THEA 2220
Character Physicality assignment (Viewpoints)
“I Remember” assignment
Extended Character assignment
Livingston Lecture, 2019 (by invitation of Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)
Lecture notes

Letters by DU students and professional colleagues

Letters written by professional colleagues

Mare Trevathan (The Lady M Project, CSF)
Hadley Kamminga-Peck (The Lady M Project, CSF)
Amanda Giguere (CSF)
Jeff Parker (CSF)
Rick Barbour (Grounded)
Kateri McRae (The Actor’s Mind podcast)
Tim McCracken (Denver Center Education Department)

Letters written by University of Denver (DU) students

Lois Shih, DU ‘19
Cami Chaikin, DU ‘21
Haley Hartmann, DU ‘22
Rachel Sanderson, DU ‘22
Emma Walker, DU ‘22
Jenna Clements, DU ‘23
Zoe Grisez, DU ‘23
Nate Cushing, DU ‘23